Good Morning (I forgot the nepali word for that)

The trekking was great; I think you can see that on the pictures we gave Fupu. The organization was quite good (except my cancelled flight, the chaos in kathmandu und the strikes, but that was not your problem). For me it was also pretty easy (then expected) but not for kathi, as you know we left her and picked her up again on the way back ;)

The accomodations where good and also the food (momos and dal bhat). The cultural experience was also pretty nice, because I met your family, friends and the place you grown up. Our guides also gave us some informationes and we had a lot of fun with them. All in one I will do it again some day ;) Just some small suggestions :D.

I prefered places to sleep with some possibility to take a bath in the river, that was fun and sometimes you have nothing to do in this small villages (except playing cards, eating and sleeping)

Maybe it would be also good if it is possible to have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. At the beginning it was just kathi and me and afterwards the others .... but we said to them that in germany we eat together so it worked at the end ;) ... but they also told us that it is not normal to eat with the tourists (but we where friends! :) )

There is probably a lot more to say about the positiv stuff, but I have to go to lecture right now.

Do you need the email of kathi or do you have it already?

Grusse aus Deutschland

- Christian