Sylvia & Axel from Switzerland

Dear Sonam

We are back in Switzerland and as discussed with you we would like to give you some feedback and send photos of our Manaslu and Tsum Valley trekking.

Most important: we can't stress enough how happy we were having Ang Tshering and Topke with us. They are an amazing team and Ang is really a fantastic guide. Both on a professional as well as on a personal level we appreciated a lot to be with them.

In general we think it was a great advantage to visit the Tsum Valley with these two locals who know the valley, language and culture by heart. And Ang Tshering and Topke really did everything to make us having good experiences (Tsum and Manaslu of course). Cooking, choosing and checking good accommodations, showing us eatable plants, explaining a lot of the local culture... And Ang shaped as much as possible everything according to our needs and preferences.

Concerning the itinerary: For us the Tsum Vally part was the highlight, and in particular the inside view in local culture such as staying in the monasteries, eating with the family or nuns at the fireplace in the kitchen, and seeing the caravans to Tibet or the harvest on the fields. The continuation on the Manaslu circuit was also nice and provided spectacular landscapes, but we did not like its crowded touristic lodges as much as the more authentic accommodations in Tsum. Personally we appreciated the alternative trail via Kasigaun on the first days and the traverse via Chumchet, even (or rather because) the trails was more adventurous and accommodation more basic than on the rest of the trek.   

Here's the Dropbox link to some pics. We suppose you have enough photos of mountains and nature, so we just put in these with people (we also send them to Ang).

We wish you and your team all the best and send very best regards to Kathmandu

Sylvia & Axel

(Note: Sylvia and Axel trekked in Tsum and Manaslu region in late September and October 2018)