Dolpo Itineraries

We are excited to launch Dolpo Home Stay treks! Dolpo is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Phoksumdo lake is the heart of Dolpo! Perhaps this is why some of the most elusive species such as Snow leopard finds their safe heaven in this rugged mountainous landscape. Extremely rich in medicinal plants including half insect half plant aka yarstagumbu aka cordyceps is synonymous for Doplo. Dolpo is also diverse in cultural heritage. Pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet Bön is still practiced in the villages of Tso (Ringmo) and Pungmo while Ngingma pa sect of Buddhism peacefully co-exists with Bön. People speak Nepali, kham ke, kai ke and Tibetan dialect. You can find here finest example of vernacular architecture. Houses, monasteries and monuments are 100% local rocks, mud, stone, wood or the combination! Dolpo Home stay is an initiative of Tsum Valley Home stay. The purpose of Dolpo Home stay is to assist trekkers and travelers interested in and gain cultural experiences and reasonable adventure through trekking and staying in home stays, family-run lodges, tea houses. We have gained positive experiences from Tsum Valley Home stay in the past 10 years that home stay is one of the best practice to organize trek in cultural appropriate and less impact to the environment. Participating local people is key to share centuries old living heritage of local people while creating exciting job opportunities such as nature guide, culture guide, trekking guide or simply a porter guide. Let us kindly suggest following itineraries starting from Autumn (September 2020). 

Please contact us for itineraries and other trip details.