What we do

Preparatory help

We help you prepare for genuine Himalayan experiences. So far, our experience has shown that preparation (preferably 6 months in advance) is very important for both you and us to make the journey a real cakewalk! We also help update information for already experienced trekkers.

Organizing home stays

Organizing your trek with Home Stay is one of our major activities. We have strong social ties with Tsum homeowners and have made good connections with families in many other locations to make your experience as rewarding as possible. In Tsum, many local guides enjoying showing their homes and way of life. We also consider small teashops, lodges, and camps run by local families as home stays. Home Stay activities include involvement in household work, helping local kids finish homework, eating local food, sleeping in basic accommodation, and watching whatever draws your attention. We try to find the suitable environment to make everyone happy!

Field Operation

We source out, call and book guides, porters, cooks, donkies, horses, buses, 4WD jeeps or even helicopters depending upon how you want to make your journey to the Himalaya - specifically to Tsum and Manaslu (Nubri, Kutang and Sirdibas). Generally, once you confirm your trip, it is our responsibility to manage the needed manpower. Managing permits Tsum and Manaslu region require restricted area permits and conservation area permits. The restricted area permets have different fees depending on the season. Restricted area permits have to be obtained through selected trekking companies. We have the necessary license to obtain all these permits. However, we appreciate your early confirmation because this helps in the bureaucratic work that is beyond our control.

Before and after the trek

Besides the major segment of your visit to the high- Himalaya in Nepal, there are few places to visit and experience before and after the trek. This also allows some time for us to manage manpower, logistics, and permits while you acclimatize. We recommend visiting Chitwan National Park to see rich wildlife, including rhinoceros and elephants, in this small yet diverse country! Making a loop with Lumbini, the birthplace of the lord Buddha, is also highly recommended. Pokhara, 200km from Kathmandu, is also very beautiful and known as a lake city with panoramic views of the Himalaya, specifically the Annapurna (8091m, 26545 ft).